Here’s the story about Indian Students on a Global Strike for Climate Change

Hundreds of students in Gurgaon join 1.5 million students across the globe in an effort to combat climate change and global warming

Climate change is a looming threat that the world cannot deny. Although several protests and movements are on the rise to bring about awareness about climate change here is a special protest held by numerous students around the world to show their concern for climate change.

What inspired the movement?

This movement was initiated by a Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg. She took the initiative to go on strike every Friday for the past 7 months outside the parliament of Sweden to urge the government to adhere to the Paris Agreement on climate change. Her efforts are being recognized around the world and this has lead to a global climate change moment undertaken by hundreds of students around the world. She has also been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for her outstanding efforts to bring about a change in the world.  

“We proved that it does matter what you do and that no one is too small to make a difference.”

Greta ThunbergActivist

The movement in India

Inspired by Great, students in India joined this movement to create awareness about the looming threats and the ever-increasing pollution in most metros of India. The very first movement was conducted on March 15th in Gurgaon at the waste installation in Wazirabad Bundh. Students turned out in a vast number with various posters, pluck cards and other illustrations to support the cause. They expressed themselves through dance, art, music and even panel discussions. The children used this platform to speak about the destruction that urban cities are posing the environment. The participation of children and adults all unified for a single goal was an overwhelming site in Gurgaon.

“Loss of our environment is much greater than any loss in elections. And that’s what we need to tell the political parties of India, that we – the voters of tomorrow – will vote for those who work to save our environment”

Vir Khanna, – Class 9 student

The global movement has spanned in 2000 cities across 100 countries! The fight for a better future has received a unanimously positive reaction across the world. An estimate of 1.5 million students took part in the movement and have received enormous support from organizations like green peace. We can rest assure that the future of our world is in the hands of the youth that know how to protect it.

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