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Gagan Vermani - CEO - MYSUN

Gagan Vermani speaks about the challenges of the Indian rooftop solar segment and how branding is an effective solution.
With over a decade’s experience in the industry, listen to Gagan Vermani – CEO and Founder of MYSUN speak about the challenges of the Indian rooftop solar segment and how the right branding can help you overcome challenges in the solar industry.


  • (01:01) What is MYSUN’s vision and what are you trying to accomplish?
  • (02:41) How has renewable energy marked matured over the past few years?


  • (04:36) Which market segment should be prioritised to reach targets?
  • (05:38) What is the motivation for a potential consumer to switch to solar?
  • (07:05) How do we change the consumer mindset about Solar?
  • (09:20) How & why should branding be the key focus of Solar companies today?
  • (11:18) How do local manufacturers compare against international counterparts?
  • (12:53) How does the safeguard duty affect the Solar Industry?


  • (14:45) Which policy of the Government has benefitted Indian Businesses?
  • (15:50) Your advice to Policymakers of India.
  • (16:40) One myth about Green Energy.
  • (17:26) Advice for Entrepreneurs in the Renewable Energy Space.
We have reached the stage where nobody questions the viability of Solar Energy anymore. That’s a huge achievement.
…because of the very nature of Solar Energy, it makes sense for each and every one of us. Infact, It’s an investment for anyone who consumes energy.